A Letter from Amirah, Inc

Well, we just made it through the Christmas season at Amirah. While most peoples celebrations are filled with joy on Christmas, for the women at Amirah, this is probably the worst time of year for them. So much of their trauma, particularly the complex trauma they suffered as children, happened around Christmas.

For our newest woman, we'll call her Kelly, this was no exception. The horror stories of her childhood and trafficking time all surmised to Christmas being anything it is supposed to be. We went into the long weekend knowing that she was stepping into darkness. 

But God... (you were ready for that, right??) - But God had a different idea. On Christmas Day, I received a phone call from our Program Clinician who was working in the home that day, that Kelly was ready to give her life to Jesus! They sat down, and she heard the Gospel explained to her, the same one that was being lived out before her for the past month, and she prayed to God for the first time in her life that she would be His.

We are rejoicing that God is indeed in the business of redeeming and restoring the darkest nights.

I want to thank everyone at Netcast for being a part of this. We would not be there for Kelly if we did not have your partnership. Thank you for helping us to shine light into darkness.


With Hope -

Stephanie Clark
Executive Director, Amirah, Inc. 
"From exploitation to liberation"


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