Matt & Beth Chewning

Pastor Matt has a deep desire to help others deconstruct their false views of Christianity and reconstruct an accurate one that is based on the Jesus we see in the Bible. Matt grew up in New Jersey and became a Christian at a college in Quincy, MA. It was there that he met and married his best friend and bride, Beth. After pursuing a career in corporate America for seven years, Matt and Beth, along with their 4 children were moved to start Netcast Church on the North Shore of Greater Boston.

In addition to pastoring a young and thriving church, Matt loves playing hoops, hanging with his family and confusing people with his different voice impersonations while ordering through the drive through line. His wife Beth enjoys serving the church in multiple areas behind the scenes while also fulfilling her vison of creating a home that is cozy and organized as they enjoy intentional moments pouring into their 4 children.