Becca Clifford Said "Yes!"

I was beaming with hope and anxious excitement as my parents dropped me off at Endicott College in September of 2014. The night before leaving, I wrote a “Yes God” entry in my journal, “I already see God’s hand opening the doors and telling me that this is where it all begins; shining my light in a dark world. I can’t wait to show the world my God through whatever means he gives me.” When I wrote this entry nearly four years ago I didn’t yet see the joy, heartache, grit and tears that would drive me closer to God and the individuals he wanted for eternity. Within my first months on campus God showed me how powerful a single yes could be.  

Saying yes to Jesus meant honoring Him in every area of my life regardless of the cost. This included remaining sober until I was 21. I feared my decision might drive friends away and leave me with hurtful memories as it had in high school. However, this time others admired my choice. Some became so curious about my faith that they started inviting themselves to Netcast with me.

Saying yes to Jesus also meant saying yes to vulnerability, which is exactly what made Endicott’s LIGHThouse Leadership Retreat such a life changing experience. Each year on the retreat students were given the space to share their stories and develop powerful connections. My mind was blown after participating in the retreat as a freshman. I was later selected to be one of eight retreat facilitators for the rest of my college experience. I couldn’t believe that God would choose such an ordinary girl for this special purpose. In the retreats to come I would be challenged to share my story. This terrified me. However, I had said yes and I meant it. 

Anytime we say yes to Jesus, we can expect a prompt attack from Satan, our accuser. His goal is to shame, silence and isolate us. After my “yes”, I began believing the lies that the accuser whispered about me. These lies drove me to a seriously dark season in my life. One morning during this season, I stumbled upon a video titled, “Break me.” It struck a chord in my heart because I felt so broken. I pressed play and cried as the speaker shared that God loves to use the pieces of people they believe are most shameful as healing medicine to others. In that moment God asked me, “Are you ready to be healed? Will you share your story to heal others?” I gave Him a sincere “yes” and began sharing my struggles with those who cared about me. I felt loved, validated, and fully seen as I spoke. I began praying that God would break me for my campus and those around me who were hurting and silenced by shame. At the end of that year I got to watch three of the friends I prayed for be baptized. Again, I stood in awe of God’s faithfulness and desire to work through a broken, ordinary girl like me.

I chose to be more vulnerable each time I shared my story on the LIGHThouse Retreats. As a result, many participants have asked to learn more about this God I love and some have come to Netcast with me. God did immeasurably more with every yes I gave Him during my college years. I don’t know where He will send me next but I’m ready for the unexpected; my answer is already yes.

When God calls you, say yes immediately, completely, and loud enough to hear the echo of your own voice. In moments of hesitation remember that the choices you make today will impact all of eternity, and get yourself back in the game.

My hope is that God will continue to bless Netcast with visions so massive they scare us, and our response will always be a unanimous and resounding yes

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