Breno Tonon Said "Yes"!

The first time I said “yes” to Jesus was 12 years ago.

I was 17 years old, and it all started with a prayer: “Jesus, I want to live my life for you. You do what you want with my life. Whatever you want to do, wherever you want me to go. I’ll do it. I’ll go.”  

The first few years as a Christian were not always easy. I tried to live what I thought was an ordinary life, but eventually I found that wasn’t going to work for me anymore. I still wanted to pursue my dreams as a musician, and the more I began to follow Jesus and learn what it meant to be his disciple, the more the Lord began to open some amazing doors for me.

I had the opportunity to move from my home in Brazil to Texas when I was 20 years old to join a missionary organization. From there, I was able to visit different nations, cultures and peoples and begin a career in music.

Over and over, God revealed to me how faithful He is when it comes to his children.

When I moved back to Brazil after my missionary journeys, God continued to give me opportunities to use my passion for music as a means for ministry. Leading worship in various places became how I paid my bills. In 2012, I got a job writing songs and leading worship for a church of 80,000 people. I eventually recorded 3 albums and was living a “good life” in the ministry. I had found my career.

Not long after I settled into this life, someone reached out to me from a major record label in Brazil and offered me a contract.

This was every musician’s dream.

But it wasn’t God’s dream for me.

God clearly began to speak to me and my wife Thais through specific interactions with people God placed in our lives, both in America and in Brazil. Instead of accepting that offer, He called us to leave everything behind in Brazil and to move our lives to the North Shore of Boston.

We knew that the decision was not ours to make. We had already pre-decided to say “Yes” to God whenever he asks anything of us.  

I will not say that it was easy to simply leave everything behind us in Brazil and move to Beverly, MA.
We did not know where we would live, how we would pay our bills, or what I would do for a living. We did not know how we would handle immigration and our visas. We did not know if the US Government would even let us stay in the US for very long.  

We didn’t know the answer to a lot of questions, but we knew our answer to God. It was “yes.” It had always been “yes” and it would always be “yes.”

And God has been faithful to us.

He brought us to Netcast Church, where his hand is clearly at work. He has opened up opportunities not only through prayer and worship at Netcast, but through a ministry called Embrace, a ministry supported by Netcast Church which helps meet emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of those, both believers and non-believers.

He has provided over and over and over again. From Brazil, to Texas, to Beverly, and everywhere in between God has been faithful to me.

Whatever He wants to ask of us, today… the answer is “Yes.”

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